5 Great International Programs Indian Students are Eligible for

Although the educational system in India is not too bad, many young people strive to obtain education elsewhere. Looking for international opportunities, learners pursue several goals.

First and foremost, they are seeking a higher quality of education. However, the intrigue of learning a new culture and meeting new people also matter. Together, all these factors make international programs a tempting perspective for young people.

Does this sound like you as well? Are you up for adventures? If the answer is yes, then an international program may be just the right option for you!

Best International Programs and Scholarships for Indian Students

How to win a scholarship or participation in a program? In fact, depending on the type of the program, the requirements may differ. Most often, applicants need to submit a form before the deadline, provide certain documents (like school transcript), and write some kind of essay either on a social topic (like essays about gun control) or on a personal topic.

However, the first step is always the choice of a program. Although it may sound easy, choosing the best option among the thousands available is hard. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of five excellent opportunities for Indian students to get this unforgettable experience.

Global UGRAD

The first amazing option for Indian students is UGRAD. Global UGRAD is also known as the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program. It is probably one of the most well-known and exciting international opportunities for students.

The main purpose of UGRAD is academic exchange. It allows young talents from across the globe to study in the US for one semester. In this time, exchange students learn, discover a new culture, and develop their leadership skills. Also, participants often engage in some community service during their stay.

Participation is provided on a competitive basis. The winners who will be awarded a scholarship and study in the US for one semester are chosen from a large number of applicants. To apply, one needs to fill out the application form and submit it before the deadline.

Who is eligible? The key requirements for applicants include:

  • 18 years old or more;
  • A citizen of one of the participating countries currently residing in it;
  • Enrolled at an accredited university;
  • Solid English language proficiency;
  • Eligibility for J-1 visa, etc.
  • Vice Chancellor's International Scholarships

    Here comes another great scholarship opportunity for Indian students. Unlike the previous one, this one offers the possibility to study in the UK. The program is created for both undergraduate and postgraduate learners.

    The scholarships are provided by Newcastle University to young talents who received an offer to study at this institution. Thus, if you are already determined to study in the UK, this might be a good chance.

    How much do you get? Unfortunately, the scholarship is not full. However, it offers a significant aid of £3,000 for tuition. Every year, the university awards 255 such scholarships.


    Another unique opportunity to study in the US is YES. YES stands for the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study program. YES is created for high-school students. The program picks a certain number of school students between 15 and 17 years old and awards them with the possibility to spend the whole academic year in the US.

    In the framework of this exchange opportunity, students are placed in host families. During the exchange year, they live and study in the US. The goal of the program is to help young people learn about American society, culture, and values. Also, it strives to develop leadership skills in participants and teach Americans about foreign cultures as well.

    Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships

    One more exciting possibility for young people from India is Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship. The program is offered by USIEF, which stands for United States-India Educational Foundation. The organization devotes itself to helping young talents pursue further education and succeed.

    This opportunity is meant for postgraduate learners. To be eligible, one must first complete the US equivalent of a BA degree and have 3 or more years of professional experience. The purpose of this scholarship is to support Indian young specialists seeking to complete an MA degree or research in one of the American institutions.

    Tata Scholarship

    Last, but not least, the Tata Scholarship provides an exciting opportunity. This scholarship is created specifically for Indian students to study at Cornell. The program is meant for undergraduate students.

    The scholarship is granted to learners who have already been accepted at Cornell University. It fully covers tuition fees up to eight semesters.

    The Bottom Line

    Hopefully, each of you will find here something that suits your needs. These are only a few of the numerous options available today. Student exchange programs and international scholarships are quite popular and available to anyone.