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    Culture and Personality Disorganization

    There is close relation between culture and personality disorganization. Every human being in modern culture suffers from inner conflicts. Davis writes so far as mental disorder is concerned the significant question is whether the social system is unified by a nucleus of common values.

    When the structure embraces conflicting principles of social organization based on the incompatible values, psychic conflicts inevitably result. The stresses and strains imposed by culture sometimes seem to be too heavy to bear and lead to mental disorders.

    According to Ogburn and Nimkoff cultures have their own characteristic mental disorders reflecting distinctive cultural influences. Every culture embodies cultural categories and values. If the individual fails to make good within the framework of cultural categories and values the result is personal disorganization. Moreover there are conflicts and contradictions in every culture. Not only different persons hold different attitudes but the same individual holds contradictory and conflicting attitudes. Even within the family there may be incompatible values and loyalties.

    It may be said that every culture is heterogeneous presenting incompatible values. It is a house divided against itself. We swear by rights yet practice untouchability.These inner contradictions arise from the myriads of possible wishes of individuals and scores of alternative ways of satisfying some of these wishes. Hence personality disorganization is bound to occur in every culture.