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Personality Disorganization

Society everywhere demands from its member's conformity to its folkways and mores, to its values and standards. But often the individual fails to meet the requirements of the society in which he lives.

As a result he develops personality problems and becomes disorganized. Such a person is considered mentally unfit incase of mental derangement or abnormality.

He remains socially isolated because in his case there is breakdown of communicative understanding. Personality disorganization therefore means that the individual is out of adjustment with society who has failed to organize the chief goals of his life into an integrated whole so as to achieve unity of the self.

Personality disorganization may take the milder or serious forms of mental disorder. In addition to mentally disorganized persons there are other examples of personality disorganization in the alcoholics, criminals, gamblers and drug addicts who are mentally normal but socially abnormal.

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