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Social Stratification

The process by which individuals and groups are ranked in a more or less enduring hierarchy of status is known as stratification. Even the most primitive societies had some form of social stratification. As Sorokin pointed out stratified society with real equality of its members is a myth that has never been realized in the history of the mankind. Social stratification means the differentiation of a given population into hierarchically superimposed classes. It is manifested in the existence of upper and lower social layer. Its basis and very essence consists in an unequal distribution of rights and privileges, duties and responsibilities, social values and privations, social power and influences among the members of a society. No society is unstratified. Stratification involves the distribution of unequal rights and privileges among the members of a society. Social stratification is the division of society into permanent groups or categories linked with each other by the relationship of superiority and subordination.

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