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Personality Disorganization Causes

The failure of an individual to adjust himself to society may be due to the factors inherent in the individual or in the society in which he lives. He may have been born with a mental disability which prevents his integration into society. Human society is very complex, competitive and contradictory.

It makes excessive demands upon the individual. Different groups with different moral standards and different cultural backgrounds create different notions of what is right and what is wrong. In the midst of these varying notions the individual gets confused. He fails to find out the right way of social behavior and relapses into abnormal behavior.

In the modern society man's desires have increased manifold. The advertising has stimulated his desires which often cannot be satisfied. It gives rise to frustration. Repeated frustration tends to produce a generalized lack of confidence in one's ability to achieve any end and generalized conception of oneself as less efficient and less worthy than others.

The rapid changes in society create new ideas set up new standards while the old ones still persist. All this leaves the individual bewildered and helpless in coping with the new situation in which he finds himself. Under the circumstances the individual may become a victim of mental disorder or become criminal or in extreme cases commit suicide.

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