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Child Rearing and Learning

Child rearing is not just the basic food, shelter, clothing triad that keeps children alive, but also the active moulding of character, personality, talents, and emotional and physical well-being of the child. Effective child-care practices play a vital role in children's growth, brain development, personality enhancement, and health promotion. In most nations, child-rearing practices are highly influenced by the traditional norms and values. In fact, child-care practices and beliefs have the greatest effect on a child's health status. These practices bear the greatest impact on the health seeking behaviour of a nation. Child rearing includes role of mothers, fathers, siblings and other family members. Here I am discussing another perspective of child rearing that is age of going to school.

I want to clarify the age of child in which he/she should get admitted in the school. No one give it importance but it's a main key of socialization. In developing countries, people seek admission for their children in school as little as 2.5 years which is wrong because at such a young age child needs special care n look after in his/her primary institution "FAMILY".

The proper age of child of facing the world other than home should not be less than 4 years because childhood is the socializing phase .Whatever comes in front of the child becomes the part of his/her learning. The basic and the first place of child's learning is his/her mother's lap and it must be continued for few years at least till 4 years of age.

The mental state of child is filled by the socialization process by primary and secondary institutions. We know that whatever child learns in his/her childhood becomes the obvious part of his/her life. Family has a vital role in child rearing. Some parents think that they should admit their child in schools when he/she starts speaking. So that the child will be educated in very young age comparatively to others. In other words we can say the race of age in education that whose child will complete his/her studies first starts early. It is a fact in our society.I believes that till 4 years he/she should be socialized at home completely. Sociology is a complete discipline which covers every issue of our life and every problem is correlated to each other. There are enormous challenges that come with parenting. No matter where in the world they may live, each family has its own methods and traditions when it comes to raising a child.

Syeda Zohra Saman (B.S - Sociology).


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