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World Population Projections

According to population projections released by the United Nations, India's share in the world's population will peak in 2030 after which it will decline and the growth in the world's population from then on will be fuelled by Africa. These figures come from the UN's 2010 revision of the World Population Prospects. The last revision was in 2008.

India's population is projected to peak at 1.718 billion in 2060.India will be the most populous country. China at its peak in 2025 will have 1.395 billion people. India will surpass china population by 2025.

India's population will start declining in 2060 a full 35 years after China. By the turn of the century, India's population though declining will be almost that of China.

The medium variant for 2010 produces a world population in 2050 of 9.31 billion that is 156 million more than the 2008 revision.

Nearly 70% of India's population could be middle class within 15 years if the country's economy sustains growth says report by Asian Development Bank. These structural shifts mean that Asia's growth can rely increasingly on the markets of Asia. According to the report all Asian countries could benefit from rapid intra-regional growth without excessive reliance on the consumer markets of Europe or America.

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