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New Women of Tomorrow:Study by Nielsen

The survey was fielded in February- April 2011 using an online methodology. It covered 6500 women from 21 developed and developing countries like Sweden, the US, the UK and France.

Nearly 80% of women indicated that they believe the role of women will change and of those 90% believe it will change for the better.

More than 3/4th of Indian women gave importance to saving for their children's education.85% of women from Nigeria and 63% of womenin Malaysia consider saving for their children's education important contrasting with 16% of women in developed countries who believe that saving for their children is a priority.

Women in India believe they have greater opportunities than their mothers and are far more optimistic about the future of their daughters than women in developed markets. They will also be able to bridge the opportunity gap to a large extent.

The Indian women today feel confident to indulge in health, clothes etc but when it comes to long term planning their children are biggest focus. This trend is highlighted among working women whose contribution to family income is expected to increase and who have an active say in household decisions.

The study found that women across the globe are empowered but stressed with women in emerging markets feeling far more stressed than their counterparts in developed countries. Balancing her responsibilities with new age pressures results in the Indian women among the most stressed.

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