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Systems of Social Mobility

Generally speaking in late 19th and early 20th century sociologists grouped together under the heading of social pathology those human actions which ran contrary to ideals of residential stability, property ownership, sobriety, thrift, habituation to work, small business enterprise, sexual discretion, family solidarity, neighbourliness and discipline of the will. In effect social problems were considered to be any forms of behavior violating the mores from which these ideals were projected.

The concept of disorganization was developed by Thomas and Zananiecki in their famous book 'The Polish Peasant in Europe and America'. According to them the term social disorganization refers to the decrease in the influence of the existing social rules of behavior upon individual members. As a result of this there develops individuation and lack of cohesion in society. It was explained by them as a process which will automatically and inevitably create social problems.

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