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L.H Morgan

A social evolution considered that technological growth and social evolution are related to each other. His classification for the social evolution can be given as




Bow and Arrow
Upper-Discovery of iron Use of phonetic language
and script
Middle- Fire and
Middle - Domestication
of animals
and Agriculture
on print
Lower- Development
of pottery

Marriage and family

Deeply influenced Engels and has writing based on the major anthropological work Iroquois of Polynesia. The different stages stated are:



Agamy Marriage Less And Indifferent Towards Sex
Primitive Promiscuity Without Restrictions And No Taboo Regarding Incest
Consanguine Family Same Generation Marriage Between Brother And Sister
Punalvant Family Group Marriage Between Men And Women With One Male
Group Having Sexual Relation With Any Female
Syndasmian Marriage Between Two Opposite Sex, But Freedom To Male To
Have Relation With Any Female.
Patriarchal Male Dominance Over Female
Monogamous Family Present Stage Of Marriage

Descriptive And Classificatory Terminology

Morgan has given single term for specific individual's relation which is characterized by firstly divergence is kept in linear relationship and collateral relationship are distinguished secondly the term also describe blood relationship.

Important Books:

  • System of consanguinity and affinity of the human family (1870)
  • Ancient society (1877)
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