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Sitemap of Sociology Guide

Basic Concepts

Achieved Status
Ascribed Status
Main characteristics of Association
Books and Authors
Nature and characteristics of Competition
Competition Conflict

Cultural Lag
Cultural relativism
The Development of Culture
Definitions of Society
General and Specific Values
Harmful Effects of Conflict
Important Concepts
Means Values
Point to Remember
Primary Groups
Reference Groups
Secondary Groups
Social Distance
Social Groups
Social Institutions
Social Norms
Social Systems
Status and Role
Some of terms and the theorists
Types of Societies
Useful Functions of Conflict
Values conflict
Sociology of Media

Industrial and Urban Society

Books and their Writers
features of industrial city
Features of urban society
Impact of Automation on Society
Important Terms
Points to Remember
Rural - Urban continuum
Urban Ecological Processes
Urban growth and urbanization
Urban sociological theories

Marriage,family and kinship

Main characteristics of family
Kinships - Descent
Hindu Marriage Family and Kinship
Kinship Usages
Muslim Marriage
Points to Remember
Rule of Marriage
Tribal Marriage
Type of Kinships
Type of Marriages
Types and forms of the familyMarriage

Political Processes

Authority and Legitimacy
Books and Authors
Caste and Politics
Points to Remember
Political Modernization
Political Socialization
Pressure Groups

Social Change

Books and Author
Evolutionary Theories
Factors of Change
Impact of Technology Change
Points to Remember
Social Movement Types

Social Demography

Components of Population growth
points to remember
population and social development
Population Growth
Population Policy
Theories of Demography

Social Stratification

Caste System
Characteristics of Social Class
Class System
Culture of Poverty
Conflict Theories
Dominant caste
The estate system
Main features of caste system
Forms and functions
Functionalist Theories
Functions of the caste system
Gender and Stratification
Jajmani system
Multinational corporations
Points to Remember
Purity and Pollution
The slavery system
The Terms and the theorists
World System Theory

Social Thinkers

L.H Morgan
Sir Edward Evans Pritchard
Ruth Benedict
Margaret Mead
G. H Mead
C.H Cooley
B. Malinowski
Alfred Schultz
Herbert Marcuse
Edmund Leach
Ralph Linton
Peter M. Blau
Franz Boas
Auguste Comte
Emile Durkheim
Herbert Spencer
Karl Mannheim
Karl Marx
R.K Merton
Talcott Parsons
Ferdinand Tonnies
Sigmund Freud
Pitirim Sorokin
Thomas Hobbes
Sir Edward Burnett Taylor
Karl Polyani
Alfred Louis Kroeber
Erving Goffman
James George Frazer
Ralph Dahrendorf
Raymond Firth
Radcliffe Brown
Indian Thinkers
Max Weber

Types of Society

Agrarian society
Books and Authors
characteristics of Agricultural societies
Characteristics of Industrial Society
Characteristics of Tribal Society
Features of Post- Industrial society
Industrial society
Post -Industrial Society
Profiles of some of the selected Indian tribes
Some of the studies of Tribes
Tribal Practices
Tribal Society

Social Movements

Reform Movements
  • Arya Samaj Main principals of Arya Samaj
  • Satya Sodhak Samaj Main Principles of
    Satya Sodhak Samaj
  • Ram Krishna Mission Main principles of
    Shri Rama Krishna Paramahansa
  • Sri Narayanguru Dharma Paripalana Sabha
  • Peasant Movements
    Backward Castes Movement
  • Self -respect Movement
  • Backward caste mobilization in North India
  • Mahar Movement
  • Middle Class Movements
    Nativist Movement
    Indian Environment Movement


    The Meaning of Personality
    Determinants of Personality
    Personality Disorganization
    Personality Disorganization Causes
    Culture and Personality Disorganization
    Personality Reorganization


    Sexual Foundations of society
    Sex – Differences
    Changing sex roles
    Masculinity and Feminity

    Neo Positivism

    Main features of Neo positivism
    Criticism of Neo-Positivism

    Sociology Questions

    Questions on Sociological Approach
    Questions on Culture
    Questions on Ethnicity
    Questions on Gender Role Inequalities
    Questions on Group
    Questions on Socialization
    Questions on Social Stratification
    Questions on Society
    Questions on Religion
    Questions on Marriage And Family
    Questions on Collective Behavior and
    Social Movements

    Questions on Population and Environment
    Questions on Political Institutions
    Questions on Deviance and Social Control

    Social Pathology

    Social Disorganization
    Approaches to the study of Social Disorganization
    The nature of Social Disorganization
    The nature of Personal Disorganization
    Personal Disorganization and Social Disorganization
    Causes of Social Disorganization

    Analysis of Census 2001

    Data at Glance
    Scheduled Tribe Population
    Scheduled Caste Population
    Religious Groups
    Percentage of Child Population in the age-group
    0-6 to total population

    Growth of Urbanization
    Towns and Cities

    Market as a social Institution

    Sociological perspectives on
    markets and the economy

    Social organization of markets
    Colonialism and the Emergence of New Markets
    Caste-based markets and trading networks in
    pre-colonial and colonial India

    Commoditisation and consumption
    Market versus State

    Dalit Movement

    Dalit Problems
    Sri Narayana Dharma Paripalana Movement
    Dravida Kazhagam Movement
    Dalit Sangarsh Samiti
    Mahar Dalit Movement
    Dalit Movement: An overview

    People's Particiation

    Branches of Sociology

    Social Inequality and Exclusion

    Individual and Society

    Social Contract theory
    Organismic theory of society
    Interrelationship between individual and Society

    Social Structure

    Perspectives on Social Structure
    Elements of Social Structure
    Formal and Informal Structure
    Types of Social Structure
    Social Structure and Social Organization
    Social Structure and Role
    Important Terms

    Public Opinion

    The Public
    The Opinion
    Main features of Public Opinion
    The formation of Public Opinion
    The Propaganda
    Uses of Propaganda
    The Technique of Propaganda

    Indian Society

    Four Goals of Life
    Yoga Dharma
    Four stages of Life
    The Six Schools of Philosophy
    Marriage in Hinduism
    Impact of Colonial Rule on Indian society
    Social Background of Indian Nationalism
    Social Reforms
    Indological Approach of G.S.Ghurye
    Modernization of Indian Tradition

    Tribal society

    Characteristics Of Indian Tribes
    Geographical location of tribes
    Tribal-Caste Continuum
    Exploitation and Unrest of the tribes
    Problems of tribal communities
    Tribal Development Efforts after Independence
    Tribal Struggles
    Tribal policy- Isolation, Assimilation and Integration
    The Concept of Tribe
    Characteristics of Tribal Society
    Tribal Practices
    Profiles of some of the selected Indian tribes
    Some of the studies of Tribes


    The problem of Ethnicity
    Definition of ethnicity
    Main characteristics of Ethnicity
    Ethnicity and Plurality

    Economy and Society

    Books and their Authors
    Concept of property
    Economic Development
    Economic system of complex societies
    Economic system of simple societies
    Globalization of Capitalism
    Main Features of Indian Planning
    Features of Planned Economy
    Some forms of Simple Economic Exchange
    Indian type of Market Economy
    Industrial Society
    Man Nature and Social Production
    Market Economy
    Medium of Exchange
    Peripheral economies
    Planned Economy
    Post Industrial Society
    Points to remember
    Social determinants of Economic Development
    Some Theoretical Concepts
    Underground Economy


    Collective Behavior and Social Movements
    Deviance and Social Control
    Gender Role Inequalities
    Marriage and Family
    Political Institution
    Population and Environment
    Social Stratification
    Sociological Approach

    Research Methods and Statistics

    Application of Statistics
    Coefficient of Dispersion
    Measures of Dispersion
    Methods of Central Tendency of Averages
    Scientific Study of Social Phenomena
    Elements of Scientific Methods
    Theory and Facts
    Gathering information and constructing Explanations
    Research Design
    Content Analysis
    Problems of Objectivity
    Sociology as a Value-free Science
    Techniques of Data Collection
    Social survey
    Observation: Participant and non participant
    Measurement of Attitude

    Social Mobility

    Types of Mobility
    Changes in Mobility
    Systems of Mobility

    Sociology: The Discipline

    Branches of Sociology
    Career in Sociology Development of Sociology
    Fields of Sociology
    Human Evolution
    Impact Of Revolutions On Sociology
    Importance of Sociology Pure and Applied Sociology Popular Sociology Scope of Sociology
    Sociology and Social Anthropology
    Sociology and Political Science
    Sociology and Philosophy
    Sociology and History
    Sociology and Economics
    Sociology and Psychology
    Sociology As A Science
    Sociology As Interpretative Discipline
    Subject Matter of Sociology
    The Roles of the Sociologist The use of concepts in sociology

    Political System

    Dehumanization Elite Theory
    Nation Community
    The Classical Elite Theory
    Power Elite
    Community power structure
    Power of the unorganized Masses
    Political Parties
    Functions of a Political Party
    Voting Behaviour
    Democracy and Authoritarian Government
    Political Participation


    Equality of Educational Opportunity
    Education and Social Change
    Education and Modernization
    Education and Culture
    Education and Inequality
    Education and Social control
    Role of State in Mass Education


    Theories of Religion Religion and Science
    Islamic Fundamentalism

    Rural Sociology

    Origin And Development Of Rural Sociology
    Role Of Caste In Rural Society
    Caste Structure In Rural Set Up
    Agrarian Changes After Independence In Rural Society
    Community Development Programme in Rural Society
    Main Features Of Rural Society
    The Indian Context of Rural Sociology
    Jajmani System in Rural Society
    Land Reforms in Rural Society
    Green Revolution

    Weaker Section and Minorities

    Constitutional Safeguards
    Equal Opportunity and Special Opportunity
    Protective Discrimination
    Social Justice
    Types of Justice


    Culture in Anthropological Perspective
    Attributes of Culture
    Theories of Cultural Growth
    Patterns of Culture
    Themes of Culture
    Culture Terms

    Automation and Society

    Industrialization and Environment
    Important Terms

    Civil Society

    Common features between Civil Society and Social movement
    Marginalization and role of civil society
    Development and marginalization
    Empowerment of the marginalized

    Social Control

    Meaning of Social Control
    Social Control and socialization
    Need for social control
    The purposes of social control
    Means of social control
    Explanations on Deviance
    Structural theory
    Strain Theory
    Types of Deviant Paths
    Deviance and Disorganization
    Deviance is Relative
    Causes of Conformity


    Religion and morality
    Law and morality
    Social code and morality
    Sect and Cult
    Organized religion
    Unorganized religion

    The Nation Community

    Factors responsible for emergence of nation
    Nation and State
    The Growth of Nation State
    The Growth of Democratic Nation State

    Introduction to Sociology

    Human Evolution
    Development of Sociology
    Importance of Sociology
    Scope of Sociology
    Sociology and Social Anthropology
    Sociology and Political Science
    Sociology and Philosophy
    Sociology and History
    Sociology and Economics
    Sociology and Psychology
    Subject Matter of Sociology
    Sociology As A Science
    Sociology As Interpretative Discipline
    Impact Of Revolutions On Sociology
    Fields of Sociology
    Career in Sociology
    The Roles of the Sociologist
    The use of concepts in sociology
    Pure and Applied Sociology
    Popular Sociology
    Branches of Sociology

    Surveys and Reports

    Poverty Line Debate
    UN Summit on Non- Communicable Diseases
    UN Summit on Non- UN Report on Domestic Violence
    New Women of Tomorrow:Study by Nielsen
    World Population Projections
    Status of Healthcare Services in Bihar
    HIV/AIDS and Mobility in South Asia- UNDP Report 2010
    Levels and Trends in Child Mortality
    India's Development Report Card vis-a-vis MDG
    Sex Ratio in India
    Urban Slum Population
    Registration of Births and Deaths in Delhi- 2009
    Trends in Maternal Mortality
    Adolescence an Age of Opportunity

    Folkways And Mores

    The Meaning of Folkways
    Characteristics of Folkways
    Folkway Versus Custom
    The Sanction of Folkways
    The Meaning of Mores
    Distinction between Mores and Folkways
    Functions of Mores
    Mores and Law
    Mores and Sanctions


    Economic Perspectives
    Sociological Perspectives
    Family and Migration
    Poverty and Migration
    Marriage and Migration
    Caste and Migration
    Education and Migration
    Urban Growth and Migration
    Social Consequences of Migration
    Social Effects of remittances from migration
    Social Impact of Migration

    Sociology of Fashion

    Meaning of Fashion
    Characteristics of Fashion
    Fashion in modern society
    Social role of Fashion

    Organization and Individual

    Definition of Social organization
    Characteristics of an organization
    Formal and Informal Organizations
    Formal Organizations
    Informal Organization
    Relationship between
    the Formal and Informal Organization

    The differences between formal and informal Organization
    Role of Individual in Organizations

    Social Action

    Different Theories of Social Action
    Max Weber
    Talcott Parsons
    Karl Mannheim


    Socio News

    Science, Technology and Change

    Difference between Science and Technology
    Social Change and Technology
    Social Effects of Technology
    Impact of Technology Change


    The Meaning of Leadership
    Leadership versus Power
    Leadership versus Headship
    Characteristics of Leadership
    The Nature of Leadership
    Functions of Leadership
    Why a Person Assumes Leadership
    Types of Leadership
    Leadership Techniques


    Social Justice

    Types of Justice
    Judicial Review in India
    Constitutional Provisions for Judicial Review in India
    Judicial Activism in India

    Child Rearing and Learning

    Understanding Participation
    Civil Society and Political
    Society – A Contested Relationship?


    Theory on the origin of Patriarchy
    Biology Versus Culture view
    Sex typing of Work
    Global Violence Against Women
    Gender and Development
    Gender Ideology
    Gender oppression

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