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UN Summit on Non- Communicable Diseases

According to a recent research and report by WHO at least 12.6 million people are diagnosed with cancer around the world every year and more than 7.5 million die of the disease which is steadily increasing in every country as the population expands and people live longer.

Cancer was one of the causes of 14 % of all deaths around the world in 2008, from 5% in Africa to 21% in the western Pacific. More than a quarter of all deaths in the UK 27% were from cancer.

This report was released by Cancer Research UK and International Agency for Research on Cancer (a wing of WHO) on the occasion of the first UN Summit in New York in September 2011 to tackle the killer diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart and lung diseases. These non- communicable which are caused basically due to sedentary lifestyles etc are becoming increasingly common in third world countries as well.

It is also reported that worldwide men are more likely to get cancer than women -204 out of every 100,000 men and 165 per 100,000 women got cancer in 2008.

The scale and disastrous outcome of these diseases has led the United Nations to call this high-level summit on health issue.

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