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Status of Healthcare Services in Bihar

The health Services in Bihar are ailing says a joint report prepared by health society and UNICEF.

According to the report there are major gaps in the infrastructure of health institutions and the health Services are in shambles.

Residents in rural areas face difficulty in getting even primary level health Services.

According to health secretary funds were allotted to Building Construction Corporation several years back but they have failed to deliver.

The required number of primary health centres in state is 2489 but there are only 533 of them at present. There is 78% shortfall.

Similarly the required number of referral hospitals is 622 but there are only 70 such hospitals. Also while there is need of 101 sub-divisional hospitals in the state there are only 22.

The joint report also says that not all 38 districts have a district level hospital and only 25 districts have the centres.

The situation is not better in case of additional primary health centres while there is need for 2,787 such centres there are only 1,243.Bihar has only 6 medical colleges while the need is for at least 18 such colleges.

Bihar is also facing an acute shortage of personnel with severe shortage of medical and paramedical employees.

There is 46% shortage of doctors, 30% ANMs, 54% for nurses and 57% for lady health visitors in different health depts.

Source : The Telegraph Dec 2010

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