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C.H Cooley

Cooley gives recognition to the interrelation between self and society and considers them to be born together. He defines social self as a product on one's self as reflected in the perceptions of others. Hence the image of self can only be concretized in relation to the society. This recognition is placed in human imagination i.e.mind, Looking Glass itself. The three important dimensions of this theory are the imaginations of one's own appearance to others, secondly imagination of others judgment of that appearance and thirdly to have personal feeling regarding that image.

Organic theory

Following Durkheim tradition Cooley considers that society is basically analogous to organic evolution and it is progressive and democratic society which is an integrated whole of individuals. They both are indispensable for each other's continuation and existence. Therefore he regards that isolated person and non individual society are myth. He does not undermine the individual's importance since he considers that each individual has an importance analogous to each organ of an organism.

Primary Group

The concept pioneered by Cooley is characterized by face to face relations cooperation and coherence. The presence of We feeling where the self is strongly integrated in the group e.g. family etc.This group is contrasted with larger and more disparate nucleated group or secondary group e.g. Trade Unions etc.

Important Books:

  • Human Nature and the social order
  • Social Organization
  • Social Process
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