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Significance of Sociology

Sociology is a discipline that focuses on the society .The social facts were analyzed but not in scientific way. The emergence of the sociology helped to study society in a scientific and empirical way. Various theorists have used much empirical and scientific experimentation for study of the society. Sociologists have studied through case studies and focus on various social behaviors and actions like marriage, family, kinship etc. that helps to understand the society in a better way. With the growth of the population and interaction of various societies there are many social problems that are occurring in the complexity of society. Sociology studies from root various social aspects and assist in providing solutions to the social problems. Sociology helps the individual to study and understand the culture and remove the prejudices and biases about society. Various thinkers and theorists try to interlink the societal concepts and study the interactional culture.

They have provided a global perspective bringing different cultures and societies closer. Sociology has become an emerging subject which is in today's world is an important role to play. By diffusing knowledge about society socialized thinking will emerge and socialized behavior will develop. The social planning will be furthered and new social order will be evolved.

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