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Disparities in Education

One of the important social objectives of education is equal opportunity enabling the backward or underprivileged classes and individuals to use education for improving their condition. But in reality educational choices are themselves reflection of social set-up. Current education system are not open to everyone and they bring division between elite and masses reinforcing the existing inequalities. In urban cities there is status hierarchy in choice of primary school greatly reducing the career opportunities in the long run. There is educational inequality in at all levels- spatial, generational and social. The main causes are poverty as the poor cannot afford to meet the expenses of education.

Children in rural areas studying in poorly equipped schools have to compete with those of urban areas where there are well equipped schools. Wide inequalities also arise from differences in home environment. Children from slums or rural households donot have same facilities as the child from the upper class homes. There is wide sex disparity in India which leads to restrictions on girl's education. Education of backward classes including SCs and STs is not at par with upper classes.

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