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Gail Omvedt on Peasant Movements

Gail Omvedt has classified the peasant movements in four categories

 Restorative movements - Restorative movements included movements like Sanyasi Rebellion and Pagal panthi movements which aimed at restoring the old glory apart from addressing the issues related to hardship of peasants .

Ethnic movements -Ethnic movements included movements like Santhal rebellion and Khond rebellion which largely targeted colonial taxation policies but mobilisation was on ethnic lines.

 Social Banditry-  Social banditry included movements like the Tehbhaga movement and Eka movement .They were militant and had leaders like Madaari Pasi and Sahjanad Saraswati who wanted a radical change in the system .

Kisan Sabha movement-  Kisan Sabha movement raised peasants and farmers issues at the national level and also helped in mobilisation of peasants in mainstream national struggle.

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