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G. H Mead

Mind, Self and Society belonged to the Chicago school and founders of symbolic interactionism.Mead's thought was even categorized as social behaviourism.In his work he firstly laid foundation for social psychology. He emphasized the importance of language, symbols and communication in human life, the ways in which our gestures and words bring reciprocal responses in others through a process of role taking. He noted the reflected and reflexive behavior and nature of self and the importance of act. The importance of self was realized only during social interaction. The self function in the society were to analyze the situation identify and communicate and also practice self-control.

Mead also refers to the objective reality of perspectives. In simpler terms there could be different explanation of the reality depending on the stand or the view point taken for a given time e.g. history is always an account of the past from some persons present.

Important Books:

  • The philosophy of the present
  • Mind ,self and society
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