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Tribal Practices

  • Joking relationships prevails in Matrilineal Hopi, Matrilineal Trobriand Islanders,Oraons and Baigas
  • Group marriage prevail among Marquesans and Todas
  • Couvade is practiced mainly in Khasi,Toda,Ho and Oraon
  • Teknonymy in Khasis
  • Ultimogeniture in Khasis
  • Uxorilocal in Garos
  • Matrilineal societies are present among Moplahs,Hopi,Nayars
  • Polyandry practices tribes are -Todas,Ladaki Botas and Nayars
  • Polygamy is found among Eskimo tribes,Crows of North America
  • Levirate marriages are found in Ahirs in Haryana,Kodagus of Mysore and Jats and Gujars of UP
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