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The problem of Ethnicity

Ethnic activity and separatism came in a big way in the post colonial 20th century. Many countries like Pakistan, Nigeria, and SriLanka etc were deeply affected by the ethnic problem. The ethnic activity also affected even the developed west like Welsh and Scots, Basques in Spain etc.Even the egalitarian melting pot America also faced Black ethnic activity. The erstwhile Soviet Union has been facing ethnic crisis for so long with Croatia, Slovaks, and Chehnya in conflict. The ethnicity has become a worldwide phenomenon.

The problem of ethnicity and nation building has been widely discussed over the past few decades. The phenomenon of ethnicity has intrinsic component of the socio-political realities of multi-ethnic or plural –cultural societies like in India.

In India with its variety of pluralities in terms of language, race, religion and so on ethnic conflict has become a part of the political scenario. The processes of development and change have generated conditions for ethnic conflict as the fruits of these development processes have been distributed unevenly.

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