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Distinction between Mores and Folkways

Folkways are of a more general and wider character than mores.

Mores imply a value judgment about the folkways

Mores are more effective and are always molding and restraining the tendencies of the individuals than the folkways.

It is out of mores and not folkways that our profound convictions of right and wrong come.

Folkways are less deeply rooted in society and change more rapidly than the mores which are more deeply rooted and change less frequently.

Folkways change with one's social status and occupational position but mores do not change that way.

Violations of mores but not of the folkways are looked upon as an evident danger to the right of others.

Mores need not be rational. Some of the mores may look to be irrational to outsiders. Thus purdah system, untouchability etc may look to be irrational to the western world. Mores of one culture may be unknown to other cultures and seem to have no necessary connection with group welfare.

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