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Social Reforms

Brahmo Samaj
The most agonizing aspect of our social life which touched Raja Ram Mohan Roy and his Brahmo Samaj was against Sati system. He awakened public opinion both in India and England against Sati system. In the long run he was successful in getting sati system legally banned .Banning of the system weakened the power of priestly class and had deep effect on the Hindu society.

Prathana Samaj
The other organization which boldly pointed out our social evils was Prathana Samaj.It was opposed to orthodoxy and superstitions which had not only crept into Hindu society but were deep-rooted in it. The members of this samaj were opposed to blind faith and wanted that the women should be given equal rights to men.

Arya Samaj
Arya Samaj under Dayanand Saraswati brought to the front all that was good in the Hindu literature and thus created among the Hindus sense of pride and self respect.Dayanand Saraswati condemned idol worship and asked the people to worship one supreme God. He was also opposed to caste system and advocated inter-caste marriages. He was also opposed to caste system and advocated inter-caste marriages. He wanted that the women should be given high education and in all walks of life should be treated equal to men.

Rama Krishna Mission
Under the guidance of Rama Krishna Mission the movement started to uplift the status of women and to end casteism and untouchability.According to their philosophy proper consciousness about India's past on the one hand and spread of education and literacy on the other hand could solve many of the social problems. It revived glory of ancient India and tried to make every Indian realize that India's past was so glorious that every Indian could feel proud of it.

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