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Significance of interests and attitudes in social life

The role of interest and attitudes in social life is clear when we say that the origin, growth and progress of society depend upon them. It is the interests that determine social relationship of one to another. Society exists because of common interests. Some interests are common by their very nature such as the interest in the welfare of the city or nation. Other interests are common because we can attain our interest more easily when pursued in common. Men cooperate because of mutual interests. As the area of cooperation grows wider society also grows. The common order of society is widespread and supported by the cooperation of common interests. The nature of interests pursued in common by men helps us to understand the structure of society. Every society is marked by some particular interest which its members follow and which determine its structure. In India classes are based on caste system. Every class or community represents a complex of common interests that the society upholds and sanctions as a whole. It is on the basis of common class interest that a number of associations are created.

It is on the basis of the common interest of locality that the modern system of democracy is developed. Though after the improvement of means of communication the significance of territorial interest has waned and it has been replaced by economic interest still the territorial interest has played a great part in bringing up the representative system of democracy. The role of attitudes is vital one in determining the structure of society and nature of social relationships. An individual's entire personality structure and his behavior are organized around the attitude he holds. Man is always changing his attitude to adjust himself with other individuals. Thus intolerance and prejudice which separate individuals may be changed into tolerance and understanding which unite them. Thus attitudinal changes and adjustments constantly go on in the society molding relations between individuals.

The role of attitude is vital and various agencies seek to measure them. Thus the producer of goods wants to measure the attitudes of purchasers in the market. The practical utility of knowing the attitudes of individuals cannot be minimized. Every government seeks to know the responses of individuals towards its various laws and policies. Everywhere we find people and groups displaying characteristic attitudes.

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