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Nation and State

A nation is a nationality which has organized itself into a political body either independent or desiring to be independent. The state is a territorially organized people. Nationality is a group of people who feel their uniqueness and oneness which they are keen to maintain. If this group of people happen to organize themselves on a particular territory and desire independence or are independent they form a nation state. The members of a state may belong to different nationalities.

Nationality is subjective, statehood is objective. Nationality is psychological, statehood is political. Nationality is a condition of mind whereas statehood is a condition of law. Nationality is a spiritual possession whereas statehood is an enforceable obligation. Sovereignty is emphasized as an essential element of state but not of nation.

Nation signifies consciousness of unity prompted by psychological and spiritual feelings which may or may not be sovereign. The physical element of sovereignty is not as important as the psychological element of the feeling of oneness.

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