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Role of Individual in organizations

The individuals play an important role in the functioning of the organization. The members of an organization must be induced, coerced or forced to participate in it. People participate in the organizations when they are going to gain something out of them.

For example the desire for remuneration in cash or kind, prestige, the desire to show the skills already acquired etc represent some of the motives of the people in participating in organizations.

People tend to identify themselves with the organization in which they participate. There is a close affinity between people's motives on the one hand and their identification with the organization on the other. The degree of their identification with the organization depends on the nature and intensity of the motives for participating in them. The individual's identification with the organization is stronger if a number of individual needs are satisfied in it, the organization goals are perceived as shared, the prestige of the organization is perceived to be the greater, there is greater frequency of interaction in the organization and there is less competition within the organization.

The individual motives play an important role in the fulfillment of organization goals.People cannot work in organization without any motives, purposes or thinking. They do not work in an automatically or mechanically or in impulsive manner.

The success of an organization depends not only on the proper coordination and cooperation of its members but also on the cooperation of others. The others must also be made to contribute to the smooth functioning of the organization. The success of a library depends on its readers etc.

An organization is said to have attained equilibrium when it is able to maintain the continued contribution of all its participants –members and others by providing them various kinds of inducements to work for its success.Equilibum may be achieved at various levels. It may change over time. The scope of the organization's activities may remain constant or may grow or diminish at another level.

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