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Perspectives on Political modernization

Political modernization can be viewed from historical, typological and evolutionary perspectives.

Historical political modernization:

It refers to the totality of changes in political structure and culture which characteristically have affected or have been affected by those major transformative processes of modernization like secularization, commercialization, industrialization etc which were first launched in Western Europe in the 16th century and which subsequently have spread, unevenly and incompletely throughout the world.

Typological political modernization: It refers to the process of transmutation of a pre modern traditional polity into a post traditional modern polity.

Evolutionary political modernization: It refers to that open-ended increase in the capacity of political man to develop structures to cope with or resolve problems to absorb and adapt to continuous change and to strive purposively and creatively for the attainment of new societal goals. From the historical and typological perspectives political modernization is a process of development toward some image of modern polity.

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