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Coercion is the use of force to achieve a desired end. It may be physical or non-violent. It is the ultimate means of social control when all other means fail. Physical coercion may take the form of bodily injury, imprisonment and death penalty. Physical coercion is without doubt the lowest form of social control. Societies would least desire to use it. If a society has to depend on external force it shows its weakness rather than strength in social control.

Nonviolent coercion consists of strike; boycott and non-cooperation.the students may go on strike to ensure better hostel facilities. Boycott is the withholding of social or economic in-teraction with others to express disapproval and to force acceptance of demands.Non co-operation is refusal to cooperate. The teachers may refuse to cooperate with the manage-ment over the payment of salaries.Non-violent coercion can be a successful way of effecting social control.

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