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Population Policy

A policy is a plan of action ,statement of aims and ideals especially one made by a government ,a political party ,a business company etc.Population policy is an effort to affect the size, structure and distribution or characteristics of population. In its broader range it includes efforts to regulate economic and social conditions which are likely to have demographic consequences.

National Population Policy:

The immediate objective of this new policy is to address the unmet needs of contraception, health infrastructure, health personnel and to provide integrated service delivery for basic reproductive and child health care. The medium term objective is to bring the total fertility rated to replacement level by 2010.The long term objective is to achieve a stable population by 2045.In pursuance of these objectives 14 National Socio- Demogragraphic goals are formulated to be achieved by 2010.The important goals are:

1. Making school education compulsory and to reduce the drop-outs.

2. Reduce infant-mortality rate to 30 per 1000 live births.

3. Reduce maternal mortality rate to below 100 per 100000 live births.

4. Promote delayed marriage.

5. Achieve 80% institutional deliveries.

6. Prevent and control communicable diseases.

7. Promote vigorously the small family norm to achieve replacement levels of Total Fertility Rate.

The policy speaks about the formation of National Commission of Population under the chairmanship of the Prime -Minister to monitor and implement population policy and to guide planning implementations. The policy also suggests some promotional and motivational measures to promote adoption of the small family norm. The main features of the policy are

1. Reward panchayats and Zila Parishads for promoting small family norms.

2. Incentives to adopt two child norms.

3. Couples below poverty line, having sterilization with not more than two living children will be eligible for health insurance plan.

4. Strengthening abortion facility scheme.

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