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Discrimination Against Women

Women are discriminated against in many societies which are patriarchal essentially in nature. The reasons are social, cultural and economic. Some religions including cultural beliefs consider that women are subordinate to men and this percolates to the children within the family consciously and subconsciously through the process of socialization. So the society takes it granted that women are inferior to men and this becomes the starting point of the discrimination. India is traditionally a patriarchal society where male domination is immense and women are under social control till the time of their birth to their birth.

Women suffer from lack of independence in economic matters, choice of education, decision making and especially in matters of marriage. Even though men and women perform the same work men are paid more than women. In several companies there is glass ceiling where women are given jobs with less decision making power. But in the recent years with several legislations favoring women, modern education and economic independence of women the society is changing its outlook towards women.

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