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Environmental Pollution in urban areas

Industrialization and modernization has lead to a change in society in terms of family system and their pattern of consumption. It also led to mass urbanization and created the problem of pollution. To this globalization added some more problems. There is rapid increase in the job opportunities and this led to the increase in the income of the people. The huge number of automobiles has increased air pollution to dangerous levels.

The norms for controlling the air pollution are not implemented properly further aggravated the problem. Industries create untreated sewage leading to pollution to the river bodies and damaging the ecological system on the whole.

Urbanisation has created unprecedented usage of plastic which are not disposed of properly creating problem of solid waste. The nature of the problem can be estimated by the government spending on the control of the pollution. There have been attempts in promoting environmental education, creating environmental awareness among various age-groups and to disseminate information Environmental Information System Network to all.

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