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Pressure Groups

Pressure group is any organized association of persons with the aim of influencing the policies and actions of governments or simply changing public opinion. The Trade Unions,Dalit Sangarsh samities,Kissan Sabhas,Mahila Samaj etc function as pressure groups. These pressure groups which are also known as interest groups pursue their political goals through lobbying- the process by which individuals and groups communicate with public officials in order to influence decisions of government. They also distribute persuasive literature and launch public campaigns to build grass root support for their political objectives. The pressure groups attempt to force their will on a resistant public.

In contrast with political parties pressure groups do not seek to become the government although in some cases organizations which begin as pressure groups may be political parties. The existence of a multiple pressure groups of various types is often regarded as an important indicator of the extent of political pluralism within a society. In democratic system the role of the pressure groups becomes conspicuous especially at the time of elections. The different pressure groups bring heavy pressures to win favours to their side.Inspite of their limitations and defects they have become an essential part of the modern democratic process.

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