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Social movement as an expression of protest

Social movements arise because social conditions create dissatisfaction with the existing system. People join specific social movements for variety of reasons including idealism, compassion, altruism, political considerations, practical benefits and religious fervor. When a group of people feel that injustice has been done to them they become frustrated and aliented.Such feelings of injustice provide fertile soil for social movement. There will always be grounds for protest in modern, politically pluralistic societies because there is constant discontent.

The recent example can be seen in the protest movements that griped the countries like Egypt, Syria etc which led to change in political system. When enough people have the same feeling of content and dissatisfaction about the current set-up they try to start protest. Protest organizations are the catalyst which transforms collective discontent into social movements. They give organizational shape to the movement. They collect resources through different sources and use them to mobilize the movement.

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