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Characteristics of Fashion

Characteristics of Fashion:Fashion is a group choice- Fashion is not an individual choice but it is a group choice. So long as a particular choice remains confined to an individual it may better be called style and not fashion. The style becomes a fashion when adopted by a number of people.

Fashion is changeable-The important characteristic of fashion is its changing nature. If it survives long it ceases to be a fashion and may become a folkway or mores.

The element of utility may or may not present in fashion. A fashion may be adopted for some utilitarian purpose but it is not essential that every fashion should not carry some utility nor can it be said that all fashions are useless.

Fashion is all-pervading-Fashion embrace a large part of human life. They can be seen in numerous fields from speech to dress.

Uniformity- Due to rapid means of transport fashions spread from one corner to the other corner of the world. Sometimes fashion change so quickly that it becomes difficult to be in step with the changing fashion.

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