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Registration of Births and Deaths in Delhi- 2009

According to a recent report of Delhi Government, more than 86% couples now restrict their families to not more than 2 children. While 53% couples decided to have just one child about 33% opted in 2009 for the second child to make their families complete.

Of 3.54 lakh births registered in 2009 in Delhi only 2.79% were fourth child of their parents. This shows the awareness about the necessity and benefits of smaller families is high among people.

This is a clear drop from 1991 when 19.7 % births were the fourth child in the family. People are realising the importance of utilizing their resources on raising one or two children and giving the best to them.

The sex-ratio in the capital stood at 915 females /1000 males in 2009.On an average everyday there are 971 births in Delhi. The city's birth rate in 2009 worked out at 20.21/1000 population which is a progressive indicator. National birth rate /1000 stood at 22.80.However only 75.64% births were institutional -24.36% took place in houses.

According to the report lifestyle and age related diseases were the biggest cause of deaths in Delhi in 2009.It is said that among the 1, 12,013 deaths registered in the Capital, pulmonary circulation and other health diseases accounted for 15.33% deaths.

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