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Exploitation and Unrest of the tribes

For ages tribals are considered primitive segment of Indian society. They lived in forests and hills without any contact with civilizations. During British rule they consolidated their position and their political aspirations and administrative needs necessitated to open up the entire country. The British introduced the system of landownership and revenue. Annual tax was trebled which was beyond the paying capacity of tribal cultivators.

Many nontribals began to settle in the tribal areas offering credit facilities. Initially it provided relief to tribals but gradually the system became exploitative. Over the years the tribal population faced all types of exploitation. This aroused the tribal leaders to mobilize the tribals and start agitations.
Thus it is the cumulative result of a number of factors.

  • Indifference from administrators and bureaucracy in dealing with tribal grievances.
  • Harsh and unfriendly forest laws and regulations.
  • Lack of legislation to prevent the passing of tribal land into the hands of non-tribals.
  • Lack of credit facilities.
  • Ineffective government measures to rehabilitate tribal population.
  • Delay in implementation of recommendations of different committee
  • Discrimination in implementation of reform measures.
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