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Features of urban society

  1. The urban society is heterogeneous known for its diversity and complexity.
  2. It is dominated by secondary relations.
  3. Formal means of social control such as law, legislation, police, and court are needed in addition to the informal means for regulating the behavior of the people.
  4. The urban society is mobile and open. It provides more chances for social mobility. The status is achieved than ascribed.
  5. Occupations are more specialized. There is widespread division of labor and specialization opportunities for pursuing occupations are numerous.
  6. Family is said to be unstable. More than the family individual is given importance. Joint families are comparatively less in number.
  7. People are more class -conscious and progressive .They welcome changes. They are exposed to the modern developments in the fields of science and technology.
  8. Urban community is a complex multigroup society.
  9. The urban community replaced consensus by dissensus.The social organization is atomistic and illdefined.It is characterized by disorganization, mental illness and anomie.
  10. Mass education is widespread in the city increasing democratization of the organizations and institutions demand formal education.
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