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Books and their Writers

  • Principles of Rural and Urban sociology- Sorokin & Zimmerman

  • The city in history- Lewis Mumford   Buy Now

  • Community and Society- Tonnies    Buy Now

  • Metropolis and Mental life- George Simmel

  • The city- Max Weber    Buy Now

  • The Folk culture of Yucatan- Robert Redfield

  • Urbanism as a way of life- Louis Wirth

  • The social life of modern community- Kingsley Davis

  • Cities and civilization- G.S Ghurye

  • Formal organization- A comparative approach-Peter Blau    Buy Now

  • Cities in Evolution- Patric Geddes    Buy Now

  • Towards rational society- Habermas    Buy Now

  • Indian village- S.C Dube    Buy Now

  • Village India - Mackim Marriot

  • Urban sociology in India- M.S.A Rao    Buy Now

  • The social life of a modern community - Kingsley Davis

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