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Features of industrial city

  • A large sprawling open city housing a large percent of the population of the society. Relatively low segregation; few outward symbols, segregation based on race. Good transportation and communication.
  • A manufacturing, finance and coordinating centre of an industrial society.
  • A fluid class structure with an elite of businessmen, professionals and scientists.
  • A large middle class with technologically related jobs.
  • Wealth by salaries, fees, investment.High status of business activity. Unionization at a national level. Specialization of production and marketing .Large service sector, fixed price.
  • Time important and regular work schedule.
  • Standardization of process and quality.
  • Formal public opinion with a bureaucracy based on technical criteria.
  • A weak religious institution separate from other institutions dominated by the middle class. Standardization of religious experience marked by the disappearance of magic.
  • Technical and secular education for the masses.
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