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Main features of Public Opinion

Following are the features of Public Opinion

Public opinion is concerned with a matter of public importance. It is not concerned with the interests of particular group of people.

Public opinion is for social welfare. The welfare of society is an essential characteristic of public opinion.

Public opinion is arrived at after careful thought. It is the tentative deliberative adjustment of public to a situation. It is the logical view of things. Kimball Young is of the view that an opinion maybe rational or based upon some conviction or it may proceed from feeling and emotion.

It is the product of interaction of human minds.

Public opinion is related to a particular age or times .it is to be evaluated in the context of a particular situation.

Public opinion has a cultural base. The culture of a society influences public opinion.

Numbers are not necessary to constitute public opinion. A majority is not enough an unanimity is not required but the opinion must be such that while the minority may not share it they feel bound by conviction not by fear to accept it.

Public opinion may be defined as the opinion of the people held by them on any issue for the welfare of the whole community .It is a collective product. It is an opinion in which the public finds itself for any reason constrained. Public opinion is always moving toward a decision even though it never is unanimous.

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