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Uses of Propaganda

Propaganda is a powerful force. In modern times it has come to play an important role. The modern world is dependent on it. The govt, business houses, the political parties and various other sections of society use it so serve their own purposes.

In the two world wars the battle on the propaganda front was as intense as on the military front. During the freedom struggle in India the Congress Party carried intensive propaganda to promote anti-British feelings.

Propaganda can be useful to bring about a change in the policy of the government. In India the propaganda against dowry and sex distinctions led the govt of India to enact laws prohibiting dowry and giving equal rights to women in the matter of inheritance. The propaganda against compulsory sterilization forced the govt to change not only its policy regarding family planning programme but also the name of the Ministry from the Ministry of Family Planning to Ministry for Family Welfare.

The Govt also uses propaganda to win people's cooperation for implementing its policies and programmes. Thus the family planning programme was widely publicised and vast propaganda machinery was mobilised to influence the people in its favour. Propaganda is a powerful instrument to bring about social change. It is difficult to change the habits and attitudes of the people. The propagandist through psychological aids goes directly to the springs of motivation. Propaganda is an important medium for transmitting those pressures which help in breaking the bonds of the traditional social order.

Propaganda has played a very useful role during war time. In both the world wars both sides made wide use of propaganda. It helps in crushing the morale of the army and civil population in the enemy state and in building up the morale of the army and civil population in one's own state.

Thus the state in modern times cannot do without propaganda.

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