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Questions About Marriage And Family

What are the sociological definitions of marriage and the family?

Marriage is a long term socially approved sexual union between two people. Marrige usually forms the basis of a family: two or more generations of people related by marriage, birth or adoption who live together and share economic resources.

How do societies control love and marriage?

Societies love and marriage through rules about marriage partners including kinship ties, locality and isolation of pubescent.

What are the functions of the family as a social institution?

The family controls human reproduction, caring for dependents, socialization of children and intimate relationships.

What are the conflict and functionalist views of families and social stratification?

Functionalists see the family's role in transmitting social status as natural and valuable. Conflict theorists see it as an agent of inequality and an impediment to reform.

What are some of the major disadvantages of the nuclear family?

The nuclear family has an inherent lack of extended support system, instability and a vulnerability to economic stress.

How is violence seen in the family context?

Although families are usually considered positive social groups, recent research has uncovered rampant violence in the family from the spouse abuse to sexual and physical and mental/emotional abuse of children. This violence crosses class boundaries and is found in virtually all types of families.

How does divorce affect the family members?

Divorced men and women show great signs of emotional stress: high suicide rates, loss of jobs and seeking psychiatric treatment. Divorced mothers will likely struggle against poverty whereas divorced fathers struggle against loneliness. Children show symptoms from anxiety to drug abuse and poor school performance.

What is exogamy?

It is a marriage form in which spouses must come from outside the social group.

What is the difference between family of orientation and family of procreation?

Family of orientation is the nuclear family we are born into, our parents and siblings. Family of procreation is the family we create by marrying and becoming partners.

NOTES on Marriage Family and Kinship

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