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Main Features Of Rural Society

Village is a community-

The village satisfies all their needs in the village. They have a sense of unity and a feeling of amiability towards each other.

Village is a institution-

The development of villages is influenced considerably by the life of the village. In this way village is a primary institution.


Faith in religion and universal power is found in the life of the villages.

The major occupation is agriculture which involves dependence on nature. Farmers worship forces of nature. The life of the village is the joint family system.

Family has a strict control and administrative powers over the individual. All the members of the family share the burden of the family occupation. In this way of working together the villagers maintain sense of cooperation among themselves. In the life of the villagers group feeling occupies an important place. They respect the judgment and obey the orders of their elders and the panchayats.Society, caste and panchayat have control over the individual.

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