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Social Effects of Technology

Technological changes have both direct as well as indirect effects. There are certain inevitable effects of technology which include division of labour, specialization of functions, influence of urban life and establishment of more contracts. But the indirect effects are unemployment, quarrels and disputes between the employers and the employees and cut throat competition. Technological inventions have changed the values of our life.

In the social life new fashions have emerged and the concept of equality of man had developed which has given rise to the idea of democracy. Materialistic outlook had developed and instead of morality wealth is being given highest consideration everywhere. Religion was a social affair has totally become a private affair. Secularism is the order of the day and instead of quantity stress is being laid on quality.

Life is becoming more and more complex and complicated and personal relationship is being replaced by impersonal relationships. Family is now not required to perform many of its traditional functions which have been mechanized. Technology has weakened the control of head of the family over its members and components of family have started disintegrating. The marriage bonds are also weakening leading to increase rate of divorces. New political ideas have developed with the result that in some case there has been political instability while in others such stability has been introduced. In the economic field new relationships and changes have come in employer-employee relations. Due to technology there has been rapid urbanization and many problems of social life have emerged.

Technology has brought about social changes in many other ways as well. Traditions, emotions and sentiments are being tested on rationality. The people have become rationalistic and realistic. Primary groups have been replaced by secondary groups and life has become mechanized. In our society many conflicts and competition have been introduced due to technology.Coorperation is on decline and jealousy and hatred are on the increase. In the words of McIver and Page it is scarcely too much to say that every major problem of modern society is either initiated by or at least strongly affected by technological change.

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