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Characteristics of a Society

Maclver believes that society means likeness. Hence one of the characteristics is likeness. Though the meaning of likeness has changed from traditional to modern societies whereas in traditional societies, family, kinship or blood relationship defined the attribute of likeness. In modern societies, social likeness has broadened its attribute to the principle to one world. Though likeness is the basic feature of society, the feature of difference cannot be ignored. Difference here means diversity or reciprocity in relations. It is a society all are alike then their will be very less interaction and society would not be diverse. The difference or diversity compliment opposite or reciprocal relationships. There are various differences of diversity on the basis of sex, interest, nature etc. Such difference brings diversity to society and hence gives different aspect to society.

In a society one unit depends upon another hence all are interdependent. One institution of society cannot fulfill all the requirement of society. It is the interdependence that fulfills the need of society and its goal. In modern society not only countries but also several countries are interdependent on another. For a society to be in harmony and proper functioning cooperation is required. No society can exist in isolation. Harmonious relations are must for smooth functioning of the society. Society is a complex system of social relationship. Various institutions of society interact with each other to maintain cordial relations.

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