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Books and Author

  • The Evolution of culture - Leslie White Buy Now
  • The third wave- Alvin Tofflar Buy Now
  • Social change- W.F Ogburn
  • The coming of post industrial society- Daniel Bell Buy Now
  • Modernization : Protest and Change- Eisenstadat Buy Now
  • Social change- Wilbert Moore Buy Now
  • Social Movements and social transformations- MSA Rao
  • Social aspects of development - M.S Gore Buy Now
  • Protest and change : Studies in social movements- T.K Oommen Buy Now
  • Structure and change in Indian society- Milton Singer and Bernard Cohn Buy Now
  • Inequality and social change- Andre Beteille Buy Now
  • Politics and social change- Bailey
  • Modernization and Development- S.C Dube Buy Now
  • Social change in Modern India- M.N Srinivas Buy Now
  • Society in India: Continuity and Change- David Mandelbaum Buy Now
  • Tradition and Development- S.C Dube Buy Now
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