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Points to Remember

Important points to remember
1.Social change that occurs without being noticed by most members is called latent change.
2.Walter Cannon coined the term Homeostasis.
3.David Glass conducted the first study of inter-generational mobility in England and Wales.
4.To Pitrim Sorokin societies pass through three stages each dominated by a system of truth. The stages are ideational, sensate, idealistic .This theory is the example of cyclical theory.
5.To Herbert Spencer mankind had progressed from small groups to large and from simple to compound and doubly compound or in more general terms from the homogenous to the heterogeneous. This conception is an example of linear theory.
6.Giddings formulated a law of social change .He founded neo-positivist school.
7.Marx and Engels put forward a materialist variant of the evolutionary theory.

8.Herbert Spencer propounded the theory of social evolution.
9.M.N Srinivas wrote the famous book social change in modern India.
10.Goffmann regards total institutions as forcing houses for changing persons.
11.Sorokin has written social and cultural dynamics.
12.The notion of order, change and progress are inherent in the concept of evolution.
13.Maine argued that societies developed from organizational forms where relationships were based on status to those based upon contract.
14.Saint Simon distinguished between three stages of mental activity- The conjectural, unconjectural and positive.
15.Cities and towns came into existence due to development of commerce.
16.Ogburn introduced the concept of cultural lag in his book Social Change.
17.According to Lester F Ward social change can be bought about by means of conscious and systematic effort.
18.David Aberle has classified social movements as transformative, reformative, redemptive and alternative.
19.Stouffer is associated wit h the theory of relative deprivation.
20.According to Toffler technology would bring about a reversal of trend towards mass culture distributed by television.
21.Clark Kerr is the author of convergence theory.
22.Everett Rogers categorized people as innovators, early adopter and larggerds on basis of their response to an innovation.
23.Tonnies proposed that human societies evolve from communities bound together by tradition to those characterized by nonemotional objectivity.
26.Sorokin is associated with the theory of variable recurrence.
27.Dalit Panther Movement emerged among Mahars.
28.Dalit Panther Movement is transformative movement.
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