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Principals of Rama Krishna Paramahansa

1. Realization of God is the essence of religion and the end and aim of human existence. All religious works, discussion discourse and sermons will automatically stop when realizations end.

2. To a man who has realized God all religions are paths that lead to the same goal. The substance is one only the names are different. He who is called Krishna in Vaishnavisms is called Shiva in Saivism, Adyashadti in Shakta, Jesus in Christianity and Allah in Islam.

3. The realization of God can be attained through gnana and bhakti. The latter is to be preferred. The former namely the path of knowledge is difficult because one has to acquire a high degree of purity and self-control before one can tread that path whereas the latter namely the path of devotion is easy because purity and self-control come of their own accord when once a man begins to love God.

4. Love of God should take precedence not only to knowledge but also of good works. Social service is no-doubt necessary and good but it should be a part of divine service.

5. Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansas religion is a practical one. It is not concerned with the metaphysical subtitles philosophical discussions and interpretations of spiritual messages. It is concerned only with the realization of God through spiritual experience. That is why he did not condemn idol-worship. He regarded it as a mean to an end in itself.

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