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Ram Krishna Mission

Shri Rama Krishna Paramahansa is a unique figure in the history of Hinduism. He advocated the entire orbit of Hinduism and not simply by a segment of it such as Theism or Vedism.He viewed God to be both personal and impersonal. He laid equal emphasis on both the householder's life of good works and the sanyasi's life of renunciation and yoga like a true Hindu, he gave free scope to the individual variations in the kingdom of spirit.

And again like a true Hindu he held that all religions were branches of the same tree. He demonstrated this truth in his own life by going through the sadhanas of Islam and Christianity as well as Hinduism. Without much education and scholarship, he understood and exposed the truths of Hindu scriptures. He traveled the entire region experience by his own tapas and confirmed by his own personal testimony the truths of Hindu scriptures. His practice of spiritual realizations of different creeds led him to discover certain basic truths.

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