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Human Development Index

It is one of the latest tool or the indicator to evaluate human development in technical terms. It is developed by Mahboob ul Haq under UNDP with human development indices of longevity that is measured by life expectancy at birth. Literacy is measured by two parameters of adult literacy and combined gross enrolment ratio. Standard of living is measured by GDP per capita and Purchasing power parity.

Gender development index is similar to human development index but is adjusted to reflect the inequalities between men and women. It gives a better view for gender relations in the society, as development can be successful only when gender gap is reduced. Under Empowerment Measure tells us opportunity availability to women in a society that are determined by following three parameters. Political participation and decision-making power of women as determined by number of seats held by Parliament and Legislative. Economic participation and decision-making power determined by women working on top business. Women occupying professional, scientific and technical post command over resources determined by the share of earned income of women

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