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Sustainable Development

The process of sustainable development is the promotion of the fact that social environmental and economic progress are all sustainable within the limits of natural resources.Sustainable development tends to approach everything in the holistic manner connecting medium of time, space and quality of life. We make and policies endorsed today will be affecting the future generations. Sustainable development is constant seeking to achieve social and economic progress in ways that do not exhaust the finite natural resources. The need is use and promotes those practices that can help in sustainable living. Solar and wind energy are renewable and unlimited by using such resources in energy we will be able to eliminate dependence on non-renewable power resources.

We should develop infrastructure that can be recycled and energy efficient and long lasting. The world's resources are limited and finite and unmanaged and unsustainable growth will lead to chaos and environmental degradation. Sustainable development offers a vision of progress that integrates immediate and longer objectives, local and global actions and regards social, economic factors interdependent. It is an approach that focuses on the need to put people first in development process. Social sustainability is a critical aspect of achieving long-term development that significantly improves the lives of the people.

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